What we do

Tackle the 6 main issues that Mothers in rural villages in Africa face today

The Maternity centres we are working have very little to work with.  From using an uncompleted building to using little or no equipments to care for the mothers.   Mothers are usually been transported to various villages searching for equipments needed and in some cases baby dies or both mother and baby die.

This gives Mamas In Need a new slate to work on.  To provide the very basic needs for a mother and their babies for a time that supposed to be the most exciting time for a mother. To give both mother and baby a chance to live.

Mamas In Need work with the local communities and the local government to support this cause of giving live to the future generation of these villages.

How we do it

Provide Equipments for Maternity Care


  • clean and paint buildings
  • folic acids
  • provide beds, mattresses, pillows, towels
  • bedsheet and pillow cases
  • baby metal doppler
  • blood pressure monitor
  • gloves
  • aprons
  • ultrasound gels
  • maternity pads
  • breast pads
  • paracetamol
  • cotton wool
  • thermometers
  • stethoscope
  • uniforms


Provide trainings for Midwives/Nurses


  • send uk qualified midwives and nurses to train
  • midwifery books
  • manual handling training
  • safe and hygiene methods

Provide funds for wages


  • monthly wage payment system for midwives, nurses, care workers and maintenance fee
  • replenishing of essentials

Domestic Abuse


Breast Ironing


Sustainability Programme